Today’s Quilt

blue hen

Not quilted yet, but at least the borders are stitched on. I started this one over 30 years ago. I picked up a quilting magazine and saw an ad for a contest: State-themed quilt squares, 50 winners, one from each state. I was living in Delaware, so I did a Blue Hen, which you know, if you’ve ever attended a UD football game,  is really a rooster. Apparently  Delaware troops were better known for the valor of their fighting cocks than their actual fighting during the Revolutionary War.
The state had a grand total of one battle, The Battle of Cooch’s Bridge, a skirmish, really, where the colonials took potshots at British troops crossing the bridge. The bridge is still there, although rebuilt in concrete, and the Cooch family still lives in the big house next door, so far as I know.

Finally found the right fabric for the border and corner blocks. Never entered the contest. Maybe next year.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Quilt

  1. What a coincidence, while reading your blog post about sheet composting I found myself thinking “chickens are the answer!” and lo and behold your next post features a chicken!(sorta) Even considering how well you rendered the likeness I don’t think that one rooster is going to produce anywhere near enough manure to correct your gardens nitrogen deficiency though.

    • Well, this rooster is guaranteed to produce zero manure. Ironically, although Delaware’s chicken population is about 5 times its human population, backyard chickens are not legal in developments, which we happen to live in. I’ll have to campaign to get the laws changed before we can start building the hen house. And before I can do that, I have to find a job there and join my husband.
      I have a dream…had this idea years ago and never had a place to put it into effect. I want to have a garden 2x the size that I need with a fence down the middle and a hen house with 2 doors. The garden and the hen yard would swap sides each Fall after the garden is put to bed for the winter. Do you think that would work?

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