Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Foreground: Concord grapevine. Background: Wind-powered clothes dryer.
Saturday was a good day. I got up early and was to my first stop, The Nature Museum, over in south Charlotte twenty minutes early for the 10 am Earth Day event. Had a nice chat with the guy selling Nissan Leafs (Leaves?) and handed out a few Suburbutopia business cards to a couple and some Girl Scout troop leaders while the girl at the desk phoned the Director to find out if it was, indeed, ok for me to hand them out.
No, she said. It seemed like a nice museum, one I’d like to come back and visit, but with the Earth Day festival window shutting at 2 pm, I couldn’t afford to stick around a place that wouldn’t let me distribute cards. So back to the car.
On my way out, I spotted a yard sign. Plant Sale! Right up my alley! There’d have to be gardeners there! The sale, however, was not at the house with the sign. I put the address into my Garmin and set off.

Wing Haven is a 3 acre estate in the center of one of Charlotte’s finest neighborhoods, a beautiful, park-like district of venerable trees and elegant mansions. The grounds contain the homes of two neighbors named Elizabeth, Clarkson and Lawrence, respectively, who created a magnificent garden/bird habitat on their properties. (Please click the link. They were remarkable women.) It’s now maintained by a non-profit, and I plan to spend time there, when I’m not on a mission. They were kind enough to allow me to distribute cards and leave a few in the shop and at the plant sale checkout table. They were also kind enough to sell me 5 herb plants, which will travel north with me on Wednesday. (With the trunk and back seat floor full of windows for the future greenhouse, the laundry basket, suitcase, and Ariel’s quilt, I’m not sure where the plants will fit, but I’ll think about that in the morning.)
Then off to Matthews and their Earth Day Festival. Handed out cards all around. Went up the street and handed cards to the vendors at the Farmer’s Market. (I plan to return some day when I have some money. There’s a potter who makes very lovely bowls.) When I stopped into the little shop/HQ I found out there was someone I should ask permission of.
Permission denied. Oh, well, I’d already given cards to everyone I wanted to. There were several people selling tomato plants who were kind enough to take cards to give to their tomato purchasers, with instructions to look at the turbocharged tomato trick.
Went home and added a schematic drawing of a surgically altered 2 liter soda bottle to the tomato article. I felt that the photo wasn’t clear enough.
After some internet research, I also revised my GoFundMe campaign. I’m dispensing with the marketing guru and setting a very modest goal: 10 days of advertising on a $20 per day budget, divided between Facebook and Google. I’m at 10% of my revised goal (Thanks, kids!) and waiting for WordPress to get their ad system out of beta before I start spending money on bringing people in.
Happy Earth Day, everyone!

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