Greenhouse Project, Phase 2

horizontal sash windows

horizontal sash windows (Photo credit: doublebug)

Ralph got some pick up work for a contractor. Not much pay, but the bennies include–well, are limited to–being able to take home anything that lands in the scrap pile. In the past this has included scrap lumber for firewood and the half-dozen windows that inspired the greenhouse project in the first place.

Now they include two sliding glass doors.

Woah! Woot! That takes care of most of the east and west walls, with the sash windows currently burdening my car’s trunk for the south wall and the side of the toolshed for the north.

Pretty exciting stuff, even though the tracks for the sliders didn’t seem to get included in the deal. (One step at a time, she reminds herself.)

I’m looking forward to the end of the month, when the windows and I migrate North to see my hubby, attend my daughter’s bridal shower, tackle a sewing project or two, play in the dirt with seeds and baby plants, and play jigsaw puzzle with a bunch of old windows. (The south wall of the greenhouse will look something like the photo, but a lot greener.)

Stay tuned.

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