Worm Nursery

Discovered this accidentally. When we moved into the house in Oregon, the owner proudly pointed to his compost bin in the back yard. For the first few months we lived there, we continued to use it. It happened to occupy an area that we wanted to turn into garden, so after we built our new bins (See Containing Compost on the how-to page.) we moved the old compost into the new bin.
Since it was summer, we’d been eating cantaloupe pretty frequently, and I’d been dropping the seeds into the half-cantaloupe rinds and tossing them into the bin. When we dug it out, each clump of seeds was full of wriggling baby earthworms. The adult worms had sought out the moistest, most nutrient-rich spot in the bin: those gloops of cantaloupe seeds, conveniently contained in their shells.
So next time you indulge in melons, give it a try: put the seeds into a half melon shell, put it upright in the compost bin, toss some dirt in and bury under a layer of grass clippings.
Let me know how it works for you.

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